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Online Storefront for your business

Online Catalog

OneShapp is the easiest way to create a beautiful online storefront for your business. No tech skills needed. You don't even have to drag and drop elements to create a website store. Simply enter your business and product information, add your pictures and you're done!

Organize your products into categories to offer a smoother online shopping experience to customers. Plus manage your inventory straight from the app and avoid selling out of stock items.

Online Ordering

Possibly one of the main reasons for having an online store is the ability to accepting orders over the internet. OneShapp makes this possible.

After launching your online store customers can start placing orders online to picked up or deliveried. After a order is placed a notification is sent both to you and your customer.

Manage Orders!

Writing orders down on a piece of paper is efficient and all but what if could organized your orders in one place?

Keep an eye on all orders in real-time directly from a single easy-to-understand screen with access to order details, customer information, and order status.

Business on the go!

OneShapp comes with a wide range of management tools so that you can run your entire business from your smartphone.

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